Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Invoice address and requirements

If you send an invoice to the AUAS, please consider the following.

Suppliers should submit invoices directly via email to The invoice and other relevant documents (attached as one PDF) should be addressed to:

Hogeschool van Amsterdam / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Attn. Accounts Payable

Each invoice must also state:

  • an order number, provided by OrderDirect;
  • if an order number is not possible, please provide the supplier with an AUAS cost centre or WBS-element to include on the invoice;
  • the contact person: this is usally the person who placed the order

The supplier needs the address information of the AUAS for its own records. Please use this address:

Postbus 516
1000 AM Amsterdam

The supplier, however, must send the invoice to the abovementioned email address.

Published by  Administration Centre 12 June 2019