Applying for a guest account

As a visitor (not a student) to the AUAS you can have a staff member set up a temporary guest account for you, giving you access to the AUAS wireless network.

Your AUAS contact will set up a guest account for you on the HvAGuests Server . This is only possible in an AUAS building.

Guest accounts can be set up a maximum of 31 days in advance, and are valid for 21 days.

Log-in details

Both the applicant and the visitor will be sent log-in details by email and SMS. As a guest, once you receive your log-in details you can use the wireless network in the AUAS buildings using your own device. Your device simply needs to have an Internet browser. There is no need to install special software.

Please note: if you have an AUAS ID or an Eduroam account, you do not need a guest account. You can use either of these to log into the wireless network.

Published by  ICT Services 12 May 2021