Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

MijnHvApp / MyAUAS app

The current MijnHvApp/ MyAUAS app will stop working on 1 January 2022. It's time to switch to the new MyAUAS - do so now so you won't have any surprises come 1 January.

New and improved MyAUAS

In mid-November 2021 the AUAS relaunched MyAUAS for students on a new platform. AUAS aims to make MyAUAS the portal for all the information you need for your studies. It works on both your laptop and mobile. This eliminates the need for a separate app - the old MyAUAS app will stop working on 1 January 2022 as a result.

You can open MyAUAS in the browser on your smartphone and enjoy all the advantages offered by an app.

Tip: add MyAUAS to your smartphone’s home screen via a bookmark. You will then be able to launch MyAUAS on your smartphone the same way you would an app. Visit the handy info page about MyAUAS for FAQs and instructions.

Published by  Communication 22 November 2021