Vitality resources

Your stress levels

Striking a healthy balance between factors that energise you and ones that drain energy requires extra attention. People who often face energy-draining factors tend to forget about things that energise and relax them – or to do them less. This might involve skipping breaks, chats with colleagues and exercising after work – or completely forgetting what you enjoy about your job. In order to keep feeling good, it is crucial to really focus on the things that give us energy.

Watch this interactive video by Professor Wilmar Schaufeli and Professor Josje Dikkers from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht to help you reduce work-related stress and gain insight into your patterns. It will also show you ways to make different choices in everyday life. This interactive video lasts approximately 20‑30 minutes.

Interested in getting more out of your own energising resources?

Find out what you can do to maintain or re-establish a healthy balance. Or read some of the candid stories on regaining balance written by your peers working in higher professional education: werk en de balans op Arbocatalogus hbo .

Your mental health

Feeling out of sorts? If you worry a lot, feel depressed or are suffering from the effects of stress, then Mirro’s online tool will provide you with resources to help prevent these symptoms from getting worse. All of your personal information will of course dealt with confidentially. This online module is free and anonymous. Please log in via Mirro or, if unsuccessful, access the tool via the Coping with personal problems heading under: Online modules.

Nearly everyone goes through periods when things are not going so well. Psychological support or talking to a coach may help. Employees can consult with a staff welfare officer at the occupational health and safety service or request more specialised assistance from Grip Psychologen or Winnock . Or they can opt to try out coaching provided by the AUAS Academy or consult the external coaches at Praktijk Spierdijk or Kootching .

Your physical fitness

Exercise is good for your body and also helps reduce stress. Healthy food and drink also help.


Employees may participate in sports activities organised by AUAS: Sports activities for AUAS staff . Would you like to start exercising but not know how to go about it? If you are interested in exercising in a structured manner or have any other questions regarding exercise, injury prevention and treatment, please make an appointment with Young, who will be able to answer all your questions in a 20-minute Zoom consultation. or +31 (0)6 2115 7890 (limited number of slots available)

Employees can practise sports and exercise at a discount at the University Sports Centre (USC) at various locations in Amsterdam; please see USC . The USC offers fitness as well as a comprehensive range of group sessions.


Would you prefer to exercise in your own area? BedrijfsFitnessOnline (BFO) allows you to practise sports and exercise with a BFO collective discount.

Nutritional advice

Sports for Staff also allows you to consult with a dietician. For any questions regarding nutrition in relation to health or sports, please get in touch with Ms Carla van der Zee. Please send an email.

More information: Sports for staff.

Your personal and professional development

Employees have the option of following various training sessions and courses offered by external agencies that have been selected by the AUAS Academy, or to follow online training provided by GoodHabitz – an online platform with a range of online training, such as Vitality, Feeling Good (Lekker in je vel), Taking Control of Life (Grip op leven), Peace of Mind (Rust in je hoofd) and others. These sessions are free to AUAS employees.


Coaching is a powerful and valuable instrument that can help you enhance your personal and professional development. The AUAS Academy employs professional coaches who are thoroughly familiar with our organisation. They understand the context and the dynamics in which you operate.

Coaching and guidance is open to all employees, regardless of their position or place within the organisation. The learning pathways at the AUAS Academy are proactive in design and are intended to advance your professional development within the AUAS in a positive sense. Please contact the AUAS Academy for any questions regarding development. The AUAS Academy will put together a personalised pathway for you depending on your coaching needs.

Find out what coaching can offer you.

Published by  HvA Academy 25 March 2022