Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Sport facilities

The University Sport Centre (USC) offers facilities for around 70 different sports and athletic activities.

University Sport Centre

The USC offers excellent and affordable fitness facilities, with seven locations all over Amsterdam, including three in or next door to AUAS buildings. From cardio training to boxing, and from weightlifting to indoor football, at the USC students and staff can enjoy a wide variety of sports and athletic activities at attractive rates.

Many sports and classes accept new participants year-round; simply sign up online. Not sure which activity suits you? Buy an USC trial membership, which is good for three visits.

Want to learn more? Go to and Facebook: USC Universum

Information for pro athletes

Are you already a professional athlete (or set to be one) and also a student at the AUAS? The TopSport Academy of Amsterdam (TAA) can help you successfully combine your athletic career with studying for a degree at the AUAS. You’ll get extra support with things like scheduling, exams, work placements, curricular planning and more.

To find out if you are eligible for the Top-level Sports Regulations, go to the TAA page in the A-Z list for more information.

Published by  Communication 28 October 2020