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Coronavirus information

We can imagine you have questions or concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. You can visit for relevant information and an overview of frequently asked questions and answers. For specific questions regarding immigration matters, related subjects and the coronavirus please see our information below:


  • Current information and Q&As from concerning the novel coronavirus in the Netherlands are available on the RIVM website .
  • The government of the Netherlands is taking various measures to control COVID-19. Find out more on this website .
  • Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, provides an overview of the impact of COVID-19 on international education.


The Dutch government has taken measures against the coronavirus. The latest information about the consequences for your stay in the Netherlands is provided in this list of frequently asked questions of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) . For specific questions regarding immigration issues please contact

At this moment​ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will temporarily not issue MVVs (entry visa’s). At this moment in many places traveling is not possible or is not recommended. For more information about access to the Netherlands, visit and . Therefore, keep in mind that it can take longer before you can collect your MVV. The IND will still approve your application of you meet all the conditions. From this date, you then have 3 months to collect your MVV. Keep checking if you want to know when you can collect your MVV.

Please keep checking for up to date information. At your appointment you must explain that you could not pick up your MVV sooner because of the coronavirus measures.

You can make a new appointment as soon as the embassy or consulate reopens. At the appointment you will have to explain that you could not travel with your MVV because of the measures. The embassy or consulate will then reissue your MVV. You have to do this within 3 months after your current MVV expires.

Students with a valid residence permit could temporarily have returned to their home country and temporarily deregistered from the BRP (Personal Records Database). In this case there are a few possibilities:

  • If the student deregisters at AUAS and, temporarily or permanently, returns to his or her home country, the student must be deregistered at the IND. The student loses the right to a residence permit. It is possible to return to the Netherlands should the student wish to return at a later moment, provided that a new immigration application procedure is started and the student meets all requirements.
  • If the student has temporarily returned to his or her home country, participates in online teaching and remains registered at the BRP (Personal Records Database), no steps need to be taken, for the student has the right to stay abroad for 12 months during the period of studies.
  • If the student temporarily returns to his or her home country and participates in online teaching, but has deregistered at the BRP (Personal Records Database), Immigration Affairs needs to report to the IND that the student has returned to their home country due to corona. A deregistration from the BRP (Personal Records Database) automatically generates a withdrawal procedure at the IND, without sending an intention to withdraw. This way an unjust withdrawal will be prevented.

International students and researchers are advised to regularly check the website of the embassy or the consulate of your home country for up to date information. In difficult times like these, it's important for countries and governments to know where their citizens stay in case help is needed.

Published by  Student Affairs 2 July 2020