Dutch public health insurance

If you work besides your study or do an internship that pays more than the Dutch minimum wage you will need to take out Dutch public health insurance. You cannot choose any other option or make use of your insurance from your home country.

Keep in mind that not all medical costs are insured in your plan. You might need to take an additional plan, for example for some important dental procedures. Always check with your Dutch public health insurance company what is covered or not.

Dutch public health care insurance is probably more expensive than your current insurance with costs around €1,200 a year. Do keep this in mind while looking for employment in the Netherlands in addition to your studies, for this it might make working less fruitful as you would be working solely to pay your insurance.

Please check the following five steps you need to undertake:

  1. You must be registered with a municipality before you can take out a basic health insurance.
  2. Choose your health insurance from one of the Dutch public health insurers . Fill out the application form and send it to the health insurer.
  3. The registration is complete once you have received an insurance policy (in Dutch: polisblad).
  4. If you stop working or if you leave the Netherlands, cancel your insurance. Do not forget to deregister from the municipality if you leave the Netherlands.

If you fail to obtain Insurance in time and while already in employment you risk a substantial fee. In the case that you receive a letter in Dutch from the CAK about insurance, you ALWAYS need to undertake action. If you do not understand Dutch, seek out help. Even if you incorrectly received this letter you need to undertake action. More information about receiving this letter can be found here . You can always contact the International Office for help.

For more information on Dutch public health care visit the website from the Zorgverzekeringslijn or call them on 0800 64 64 644 when you are in the Netherlands, and from abroad +31 88 900 6960 (on week days 09:00-17:00 EST).

Published by  Student Affairs 29 October 2019