Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Enrolment period

  • Have you been notified by your programma that you must change your minor choice or do you want to switch from minor?
    You can do this during the last registration period for semester 2 2019-2020 via SIS from Monday November 4th at 8.00am to Sunday November 10th 2019.

  • Do you want to pursue a minor in semester 1 2020 – 2021?
    - Visit from March 1st 2020 for the actual List of Minors 2020 – 2021.
    - Visit the Minor Expo, March 11th 2020, 3pm – 6pm, location Amstelcampus.
    - Enrol via SIS from Monday March 23rd 8.00am up to Sunday April 5th 2020. Follow the registration procedure.


Please note: If you are interested in a minor please check the admission requirements. For some minors you have to submit a portfolio before the official registration date.

Published by  Student Affairs 7 October 2019