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Honours minors

Would you like to make the most of your abilities and feel that you can do more than the regular education programme permits? If so, choose an honours minor.

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A significant difference from regular minors is the fact that students must undergo a selection process in order to be admitted to an honours minor. This selection process naturally differs for each minor but always goes hand in hand with the characteristics of an honours student.

For the entry requirements, see the relevant minor. However, you must at least have the following characteristics:

  1. Professionalism: you must be actively interested and involved in the current, complex developments in the field.
  2. Motivation: you must be curious, resourceful, persistent and constantly strive to achieve the best result.
  3. Innovativeness: you must be able to develop innovative ideas into concrete proposals for innovation.
  4. Interdisciplinary collaboration: you must contribute expertise and identify common ground with other fields.
  5. Ability to reflect: you must be able to operate independently according to your own learning needs as well as those of the professional environment.

Excellence minors may form part of an honours programme. For information about the entire honours programme, go to the DLWO of the faculty in question.

Published by  Student Affairs 9 March 2020