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Minor at the AUAS

Which minor can I choose?

All AUAS study programmes have a minor space of 30 EC. You can fill the minor space with one or more minors or minor modules.

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Do you want to continue your studies after obtaining your bachelor's degree? Have a look at our AUAS master's degrees in Dutch at
Do you want to pursue a university master's degree? Then choose a transfer minor.
The AUAS offers transfer minors for a number of academic master programmes. Ask about the possibilities with your own programme.
Can't find a suitable transfer minor? Then ask for the possibilities at the institution that offers the master's programme.

Universities of applied sciences and universities both inside and outside Europe follow the major-minor structure. You can also pursue a minor at a different institution in the Netherlands or abroad .

There are full-time and part-time minors. A themed minor is a minor of 30EC of which the programme is spread over a period of a year. The list of minors changes per academic year. Via the button below you can find the current list.

Making a choice

Are you curious about which HvA minors suit you and do you want to orientate yourself? Then view the Minoren Kieswijzer.

Do you have questions about making a minor choice? Then go to a study choice consultation.

Published by  Student Affairs 15 February 2021