Timetables office

The Timetable Office prepares course timetables and exam timetables for all classes and lecturers.

  • The designated educational coordinator for the degree programme collects information on the availability of lecturers and the curriculum, and processes the deployment of lecturers for each degree programme. The educational coordinator is the primary point of contact for lecturers and programme managers.
  • The schedulers working in the Timetable Office take the information provided by the educational coordinator into account when designing the timetable, and flag up any issues. They provide feedback on these issues to the educational coordinator, who will then discuss them with the lecturers and programme managers. The schedulers are also responsible for the vast majority of one-off room bookings, and liaise with the educational coordinator for each of the individual degree programmes to process any changes to the current year’s course timetable.

By doing this, the Timetable Office tries to come up with timetables for both locations that are as student-friendly as possible, taking into account lecturer availability.

- Course and exam timetable for students and lecturers

- Exam timetable and calendar, annual calendar, lecture times


  • Karin Linda de Groot – contact person AMSIB and HRM
  • Pauline Kort – contact person MST
  • Inge Lebesque – contact person BK
  • Jessica Rookhuizen – contact person DeeltijdAcademie
  • Jurry Kuhlemaijer – Functional Manager S+
  • Nick Dekker – Functional Manager S+
  • Jacqueline van Dorp – contact person F&A
  • Pieter Claeys - Team coördinator

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4 October 2022