Safety Chemical Lab 1.32

Rules and obligations

The chemicals we use are:


  • You can only work in the laboratory with permission of a teacher
  • During chemical analysis protective glasses and (blue nitril) gloves are required
  • It’s your own responsibility to protect your clothing and body (for example wear an apron or old clothes)
  • During chemical analyses, lab coats are required
  • Wear shoes and clothing that cover your skin as much as possible and put longer hair together in a tail
  • The school is not liable for any damage to clothing bags, etc.
  • NEVER put two chemicals in one test tube. Toxic fumes can arise and an explosion can be caused.
  • The tables should be clean and free form anything what is irrelevant for the tests. Keep them as empty as possible
  • Close bottles right after use and put them in the holder
  • Clean up spilled chemicals right away (use towel paper)
  • Coats and bags are prohibited in the classroom
  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the classroom at all times
  • Phone calls are prohibited in the classroom

  • Place the test tube in the rack
  • Put a small piece of the fibres/filaments in a dry test tube
  • Then add up to 1.5cm chemicals
  • For blends: put more fibres/filaments in a dry test tube and add gently a few drops of water on top of 1.5cm chemicals (pour gently along wall of test tube)

If you get chemicals on hands or face or in your eyes:

  • Wash with soap and water (neutralising acids)
  • If necessary, rinse eyes under running water or in the eye shower.
  • If any doubts about a possible injury, visit a doctor

In case of fire:

  • Never move burning material: the table and floor are fire resistant
  • When clothing gets on firs, put on the shower and stand under it
  • IF necessary: take the fire blanket and put this around the person who’s on fire or put it over the fire source

First put the chemicals back in the fume hood (chemicals cabinet)!
After chemical analysis, the test tubes have to be flushed as follows:

  • Turn on the tap and let water run.
  • Empty the tube gently.
  • NEVER DISPOSE OF TWO DIFFERENT CHEMICALS at the same time, to prevent toxic fumes etc.
  • Rinse the test tube with running water, first at least 4 times at the sink in the table, then clean further at the main tap. Clean the tubes with cleaning brush and rinse again
  • Clean tubes have to be put upside down in a rack, placed on a double piece of paper towel on the worktop, next to the sink of the main tap

  • Microscopes can be found in the cupboards, put them back there after use.
  • After use, the small cover glasses can be thrown away. Don’t put them in the sink or in the basin! The bigger glass plate has to be cleaned with water, dry it and put it back in the glass box or put it on a double paper towel to dry







18 December 2014