Topsport Academy Amsterdam

The Elite Sport Academy Amsterdam (TAA) offers elite athletes the opportunity to successfully combine their sports career with a study programme of their choice at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

Note: you have to apply to the study programme ofyour choice yourself. That also counts for elite athletes. Elite athletes who have applied for an AUAS study programme can then get in contact with the Elite Sport Academy Amsterdam (TAA) to get informed about the elite athlete policy.

The TAA acts as a crucial link between elite sport and higher education as it enables elite athletes to receive a Bachelor diploma at AUAS while being successful in their sport at the highest level.

Once the assessment (see two basic rules for foreign elite athletes) has taken place, you will receive the AUAS elite sports declaration. This declaration enables you to receive support and guidance in combining elite sports and study.

The following are examples of services that are offered:

  • Additional counseling when it comes to planning your study and training schedule.
  • The possibility of remote examinations.
  • Being able to indicate preferences for study schedules or possibly financial compensation for a study delay that was incurred due to your high commitment to your dual career.

Please note that the services and facilities available vary per course. Additionally, each elite athlete is treated as an individual case with an individual pathway which means that every support service is evaluated on an individual basis and tailored to you! The elite sport coordinator of your faculty will inform you about all the details. For more information, please contact Nina Kee – van Huissteden.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 4 December 2020