Support aspects

After you have been given the elite sports declaration from AUAS, you will develop a plan in collaboration with your study advisor/mentor/study career coach on how to successfully combine your education with your sport.

Besides developing a plan you can submit requests for specific support aspects. Please note that these support offers differ for each study programme. The elite sports coordinator of your faculty will inform you about the options. For more information, please have a look at the AUAS elite sports regulation.

At the beginning of the academic year, you will have a look at the curriculum and your timetable with your elite sports coordinator. Together you will look for the best possible options to find a balance between your curriculum/schedule and your sports activities.

Note: not everything is always possible. Ultimately, you are choosing a dual career so expect some inconvenient situations and delays. As a starting point, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences tries to accommodate you as much as possible based while expecting full commitment to your education. The Topsport Academy also supports you in a possible transfer to the UvA/VU and the employment sector/the work field.

If you are unable to graduate within the regular study time due to your sports activities, you have the chance to receive financial support for up to 12 months based on your elite sports status. The financial support is based on the standard amounts of Dutch study finance (basic grant and supplementary grants.

In principle, you are expected to meet the criteria for a positive BSA after your first year of enrolment. In consultation with the elite sports coordinator, possible agreements can be made about your study progress at the beginning of your first academic year. The elite sports coordinator will then advise the Examination board on the BSA that they issue at the end of the first year.

Elite sports athletes at AUAS are allowed to make use of the seven USC sport centres for free.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 4 December 2020