Discrimination and harassment

If you are confronted with inappropriate behaviour in a study situation or during a work placement, you can contact an AUAS confidential adviser.

Confidential Adviser regarding inappropriate behaviour

If you have any questions or complaints relating to inappropriate behaviour, you can contact the Confidential Adviser regarding undesirable conduct. You can share your experience with the Adviser and discuss how to take action. The Adviser will ensure your question or complaint is dealt with confidentially, help you find a solution and provide assistance in case you want to lodge a formal complaint.

For more information, visit the page about the Confidential Adviser regarding inappropriate behaviour or make an appointment right away by sending an email to: vertrouwenspersoon@hva.nl.

Regulations concerning inappropriate behaviour

The Regulations concerning Inappropriate behaviour at AUAS outline the procedure for submitting a complaint about undesirable conduct and describe how such complaints are subsequently handled. The regulations apply to staff as well as to Dutch students, international students, external students and course participants.

Contact the student counsellor

Not sure if you want to talk to the Confidential Adviser? You can also meet with the student counsellor first to discuss what has happened. For more information, visit the web page about student counsellors. Looking for the student counsellor your faculty? View the contact information for each faculty here (only accessible to AUAS students).

For reports pertaining to the Martijn N. situation and/or safety in the learning environment of AMFI, both (former) students and employees who wish to contribute to the investigation can contact the independent agency Bezemer & Schubad at AMFI@bezemerschubad.nl for a confidential meeting. If you would like to contribute content of any kind to this investigation, you can use the same e-mail address.

(Former) students who do not wish to be involved in the investigation or who are still in doubt but would like to speak to a confidential adviser can contact the HvA external confidential adviser for students, Jacqueline Pulles, at j.pulles@hva.nl.

Published by  Student Affairs 28 February 2022