Language and writing

You can work on your language skills in many ways, with or without guidance from a language instructor.

English language consultation

During a language consultation, you receive one-on-one support relating to the English language. Together with an English lecturer, you can discuss the feedback you received on a report or writing assignment, learn strategies to improve your reading, or work on your presentation skills. You can also ask questions before you begin your assignment.

The language consultations are held at the Leeuwenburg location (LWB) in the Wibauthuis (WBH) and in the Nicolaes Tulphuis (NTH).

To register, fill out the language consultation registration form here.

A smarter way to read

Studying reading material involves more than just glancing over a text and hoping that you remember something from it. Reading a text is not a goal in itself. You actually read a text to achieve a different goal: understanding or applying new material, and incorporating it into your brain, combined with everything that you already know. This requires an active mindset during the reading process, meaning that you have to read and think about what you are reading at the same time.

Contact the student counsellor

Sometimes you can’t do everything on your own and you need help. You can contact the student counsellor for academic advice and guidance. For example if you have fallen behind in your studies or are having personal problems.

19 June 2020