What should you do in case of damage?

Users are not responsible for wear and tear due to normal use. Damages can be reported in the app when you log out. Repairs will be made by the Roetz SOS service at the bicycle parking facility located at Fraijlemaborg 133. To use this service, please call the Service Desk. If the bike has been damaged to the point that you can no longer ride it, please contact the Service Desk (by phone or otherwise) and Roetz will come to pick it up. In case of theft and serious damage beyond normal wear and tear*, users are subject to an excess of €100 per ticket for regular bikes and €200 for e-bikes.

*Serious damage beyond normal wear and tear includes a bent front fork, twisted frame, broken wheel, irreparable impact to the wheel or damage to the electric drivetrain (motor, battery or connector).

4 November 2019