Need to get from A to B in Amsterdam?

Hop on a rental bike! AUAS would like to encourage students and staff to get more exercise. Staff often have appointments at various locations and students have classes in different buildings in Amsterdam. To promote exercise, and because cycling is often faster than taking public transport, AUAS is making user-friendly rental bikes available.

AUAS has launched this pilot in collaboration with the ROCvA, located next door to the Fraijlemaborg building.

When could you use a rental bike?

To easily go from one AUAS location to another, and to explore Amsterdam-Zuidoost by bike: Enjoy some lunch at World of Foods , grab a drink at Brouwerij Kleiburg or soak up the culture at the Amsterdamse Poort. Spend some time at the Bijlmer (Nelson Mandela) park or enjoy Club Jack on the beautiful rooftop terrace. These are all great hotspots in the Cumulus Park , a joint initiative of ING, AUAS, ROCvA and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Who is supplying the rental bikes?

The rental bikes are being supplied by bicycle supplier Roetz . AUAS and the ROCvA selected Roetz because of the high value the company places on sustainability. The bikes are make of recycled bike parts from well-known Dutch bicycle brands. Roetz offers people with poor job prospects the opportunity to complete a secondary vocational education (MBO) programme and become a bicycle technician. It is an Amsterdam-based brand and the bikes have a cool urban look. All bikes have a front carrier with clamp. A total of eight bikes and two e-bikes are available. Instructions on how to use the e-bikes can be found on the signs in the bicycle parking facility.

If using a rental bike sounds familiar, that’s because it is. AUAS has been using rental bikes for a long time. Now we are launching a pilot to make things more user friendly: Rental bikes can easily be reserved via the GoAbout app, which you can download on your phone. This app allows you to unlock the bike for use.

Who do we have to thank for the rental bikes?

This pilot has been made possible by Amsterdam Zuidoost Bereikbaar, and initiative in which parties such as the JC ArenA, ING, the municipality of Amsterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management collaborate on the accessibility and liveability of Amsterdam Zuidoost both now and in the future.

When and for whom will the rental bikes be available?

The rental bikes are available for students and staff of the AUAS Faculty of Business and Economics and the ROCvA. The pilot will run until June 2020. After that, we will decide whether and how to proceed.

5 August 2022