Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Collect your room key Housing AUAS

Arranged housing through AUAS? AUAS got you covered during the Arrival Days.

If you arranged housing through AUAS you are able to collect your room key during the Arrival Day. Some housing providers will be present at the university location for the room key pick up. Other housing providers hand out the room keys at the accommodations. Check with your own housing provider for details. After you have arranged your practical matters at the university location, free shuttle buses will bring you directly to your accommodation. You do not have to worry one bit!

Cannot visit one of the Arrival Days?

Please note that you have to collect your room key in person. This cannot be done by someone else. If you cannot make it or do not arrive in time on the Arrival Day, you can collect your room key at the specific housing corporation office from the next working day after. You might need to stay in a hostel or hotel for the night at your own expenses. You will also need to arrange some practical matters by yourself. Please see the following website for more information about late arrival:

Published by  Student Affairs 18 February 2020