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Welcome to Amsterdam! As an international student, it might be challenging to make new friends. Where to start?

Our capital city has a lot to offer, including a rich culture of student networks, buddies and associations. Students from different study programs get together to have unforgettable events. A buddy or a student association is a great way to make new friends and develop yourself in a safe, corona-proof environment, especially now that most classes are being held online.


The International Student network (ISN) matches local students with international students. Every year, ISN helps over 1000 international students. They also organize an online introduction day on Thursday 28 January. Find out more here.


The Amsterdam Student Union (ASVA) offers a buddy program for the entire semester but also with a focus on quarantine. During the 10 day isolation, buddies can help you with groceries and getting settled in. They work together with relevant study associations who match students with students from their own study programmes.

Quarantine essentials

Published by  Student Affairs 18 January 2021