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Public transport

Transportation options from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  • is a useful website which incorporates all the public transport of the Netherlands. This website will also state the costs of the journey.
  • Fill in Schiphol as place of departure and the address of your final destination. Schiphol is the name of Amsterdam airport and it houses a train station underneath, which provides access to Amsterdam. The website will also give information on any bus or tram you may need to take once you reach Amsterdam.
  • The website will provide a map of the route from the stop to your final destination. It may be wise to print or save this map.
  • Use the Street View function in Google maps to see beforehand what the streets look like.
  • It is wise to buy a public transport card at the train station at Schiphol. This card is called an OV-Chipkaart. You can top up this card with money and then use it for all public transport in the Netherlands. Using the OV-chipkaart is cheaper than buying one way tickets. You can buy an OV-chipkaart at the train tickets desk at Schiphol Plaza.
  • Taxis are expensive: the cost of a taxi ride from Schiphol to Amsterdam varies between €35 and €65 (June 2019).
Published by  Student Affairs 31 July 2019