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We can imagine you have questions or concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. You can visit for relevant information and an overview of frequently asked questions and answers. For specific questions regarding housing matters and the coronavirus please see our information below.


  • Current information and Q&As concerning the novel coronavirus in the Netherlands are available on the RIVM website .
  • The government of the Netherlands is taking various measures to control COVID-19. Find out more on this website .
  • Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, provides an overview of the impact of COVID-19 on international education .
  • Check current information about self-quarantine on this website.

We look at the situation every day and supplement the information on this page as far as is possible. For general information about the coronavirus, please see our general coronavirus information page.

If my country of origin is orange or red-coded and I am not allowed to go to Amsterdam, would I get a refund for the payments made regarding housing?

It depends on when you cancel your housing application if you receive a refund. Below you will find an overview of the cancellation and refund policy of the AUAS housing fee and the costs that you made when booking your room at one of the housing providers.

AUAS Housing fee

Costs at housing provider

I did not receive a housing offer (yet)

Full refund
(€200 for 1 semester or € 395 for 2 semesters)
not applicable

I received a housing offer but did not book my accommodation

No refund not applicable

I received a housing offer and I booked my accommodation

No refund*

Check the cancellation policy with your housing provider, but as a rule: A room reservation can be cancelled free of charge (refund of deposit and first month rent), up to one month before the starting date of the lease. The administration fee will never be refunded.

*Unfortunately no exceptions can be made if your visa application or study or course enrollment was unsuccessful.

Can I cancel my rental contract if I have already arrived in Amsterdam?

Our rental contracts are semester contracts with a fixed end date. When you sign your rental contract, you agree with the fixed rental period with a maximum of 1 or 2 semesters. These contracts can normally only be terminated early when you cancel your study enrolment. However, we understand that these are strange and very uncertain times. Please contact us on if you need to return to your home country due to COVID-19. We will try to find a solution together in the best possible way.

Read more about rental periods

We truly understand that these are very uncertain times and we will look at your personal situation and try to find a solution for you.

I booked a room already

If you cancel, we can make another student happy with your spot. Please be aware that costs are involved. If you decide not to cancel, you are responsible for your room and the rent from the start of your contract, even if you are not in Amsterdam. Subletting your room is contractually not allowed and will have serious consequences.

I did not book a room yet

We receive last minute cancellations from students regularly. We may be able to offer contracts with an alternative start date. Please email us on to check the current situation.

We understand that you may need to or want to stay in your home country a bit longer due to coronavirus. Unfortunately, our rental contracts have fixed start and end dates which cannot be altered. You are responsible for the rent and your room during this entire period. We cannot provide any discounts on rental rates due to late arrival. Subletting your room is contractually not allowed and will have serious consequences.

Please let your housing provider know at which date you will arrive, so you can arrange your arrival.

Yes. You will be able to apply for housing for the Spring 2021 semester. You can rent accommodation through the AUAS international student housing office for one semester, from 27 January 2021 up to 13 August 2021*.

Before you register, make sure to inform yourself about our housing service. Have a look at the webpages about the types of rooms & locations and the costs of housing.

Please note that the availability of rooms cannot be guaranteed. This depends on the numbers of students who apply.

* Rental contracts of some buildings have different end dates in summer due to renovations and housing of Summer School programmes.

Unfortunately we cannot provide housing for second, third or fourth year students. We would love to help everyone, but we simply do not have enough rooms for all international students. We are expecting a high increase in international students for 2021-2022, since many students have postponed the start of their studies. Like every year, housing will be exclusively reserved for newly arriving first year students only.

We advise you to register already for and . These websites work with waiting lists. The longer you are registered, the more chance you will have of getting a room. Also check our recommendations for finding housing on the private market here.

If the situation regarding housing due to the coronavirus changes, we will announce this here on this website.

Travellers arriving in the Netherlands from certain countries and regions should self-quarantine for 10 days. We understand that you might have questions about self-quarantining in the Netherlands after your arrival. We have set up some quarantine information and services to assist you.

Read more about self-quarantine


The information above might contradict with other parts of the housing webpages, on which the normal international student housing procedures are explained.

However, the policy above is specifically created for the current situation, due to the effects of the global corona crisis.

Published by  Student Affairs 25 March 2021