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Coronavirus information

AUAS student housing

There are many questions about housing: international students who want to go home and future international students who will be coming to Amsterdam soon. We can imagine you have questions or concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. You can visit for relevant information and an overview of frequently asked questions and answers. For specific questions regarding housing matters and the coronavirus please see our information below:


  • The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has a central role in infectious disease control and national prevention and population screening programmes. Find current information, Q&A’s and general information about the novel coronavirus on the RIVM website.
  • The government of the Netherlands is taking various measures to control COVID-19. On this website you can find information about what the Dutch government – together with other organisations – is doing.
  • Nuffic, the Dutch organization for internationalisation in education, provides an overview of the impact of COVID-19 on (international) education with many useful links.

We look at the situation every day and supplement the information on this page as far as is possible. However, the situation increasingly demands customised solutions. Therefore, always contact our housing department to discuss the situation that is specific to you. For general information about the coronavirus, please see our general coronavirus information page.

New international students 2020-2021

We understand your concern. For now we will proceed with our regular policies and procedure. We will continue to monitor the situation closely. As soon as we have new information, it will be published.

If you are an international student and would like the AUAS to arrange housing for you, we strongly advise you not to wait until your admission to the study program is approved. The admission process takes a long time, alongside the housing process. The AUAS housing booking process starts already on 8 June and we work on a first come, first served basis. The longer you wait, the less chance of a room you will have. This means that you might have to invest in the AUAS housing fee and take the risk of not getting accepted to the study program. 

Current (international) AUAS students

Yes, it is possible to terminate your contract early if you are renting with one of our housing providers. These housing providers are:

  • De Key
  • DUWO
  • The Fizz - Spartaan
  • OurCampus
  • Student Experience - Nautique Living

Please note: XIOR Student Housing and The Student Hotel are not a part of AUAS Student Housing. They have their own cancellation policy. Please contact them directly.

You can contact your housing provider directly. AUAS Housing has agreed that international students who are renting with one of the housing providers mentioned above can terminate their rental contract because of this crisis. Rental contracts can be terminated on the last day of each calendar month (earliest possible end date for now: May 31st 2020).

After May 31st, it is unfortunately no longer possible to shorten your rental contract.

Please note: some housing providers are very busy right now, so it may take longer for them to respond. If you are leaving before you receive a reply, follow the check-out instructions from the housing provider (e.g. leave your keys and make sure your room is empty and clean).

If you have a housing contract until June or July 2020, it might be possible to extend your housing contract until 7 August 2020. Due to the global corona crisis, all Summer School programs unfortunately have been cancelled. This gives you the opportunity to rent your room longer during the summer.

If you are interested in extending your housing contract until 7 August 2020, please email We will process your extension request and send you a confirmation within 2 weeks.

  • It will not be possible to change rooms during the extension. 
  • Only the end date of 7 August is possible. No other dates in July/August.

Yes, many furnished rooms have become available because many international students have returned to their home country due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

If you would like to rent accommodation now, please see Rooms available due to corona.
Please note: accommodation is available temporarily. We can offer fixed contracts with an end date of 25 January 2021 or summer 2021 (with end dates ranging from June to August 2021).

Unfortunately we cannot offer any housing contracts for such a short period of time (June-August). You might have more chance of finding affordable accommodation for this period of time at AirBnB or a hostel.

Unfortunately we do not know yet if we will have rooms available for current AUAS students in the new academic year 2020-2021. This depends on the number of new applications of international students and how the corona crisis will develop in the upcoming months. At the moment, it is impossible for us to start a waiting list as the situation changes quickly for everyone and every student has his own specific circumstances.  

As soon as we have more news, we will announce this here and on AUAS social media.

The upcoming months, many rooms will become available because of less international students coming to Amsterdam. Therefore, housing platforms such as have many more available rooms than normally. Check this page for more information.

Published by  Student Affairs 30 May 2020