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Housing Regulations

This page provides an overview of the regulations that are applicable if you are going to register in our housing application system or have been assigned a room through the AUAS.

When you submit your application for housing in the AUAS housing system, you will be charged a fee to help cover the AUAS's expenses related to providing student housing. This fee is non-refundable. You can pay online, in Euros, using either a credit card or PayPal.

AUAS housing fee per person*:

Early bird fee

€209 for 1 semester 
€413 for 2 semesters

Regular fee

€242 for 1 semester
€440 for 2 semesters

* When registering for a couples room, only the main tenant has to pay a double housing fee.

We recommend students to register in our online housing application system as soon as possible and before the early bird deadline, as your chances of receiving a room offer will significantly decrease the longer you wait. We strongly advise students not to wait until their study enrollment is finalized or visa procedure is approved. It may be too late to find housing, as these are procedures which happen at the same time.

The AUAS housing fee will be refunded if we are unable to offer you a room.

The AUAS fee can unfortunately not be refunded if:

  • we offer you a room but you do not make use of this offer or decline this offer
  • your visa application is unsuccesful
  • your study enrollment is unsuccesful

Rental period

Rental periods for AUAS students are always fixed periods, with the maximum of one year. All students will be assigned for their period of stay. 

Type of study program

Maximum duration rental contract

Rental period

(1 semester)

1 semester 29 January 2020 – 7 August* 2020

(2 semesters)

2 semesters 29 January 2020 – 25 January 20


2 semesters 14 August 2020 - August 2021 (tba)

​It is not possible to get a reduction for late arrival or early departure. It is not possible to end your contract before the end of a semester.

If you plan on staying in Amsterdam for longer than one year, we strongly advise you to register at Dutch student housing websites before the beginning of your stay.

Some rental contracts will not have the fixed end date in August, but an earlier end date in June/July due to arriving Summer School students. It is unfortunately not possible to give a preference for a specific end date.

Exchange students

We will try to give as many exchange students as possible an earlier end date, taking the end of term in the AUAS academic calendar into consideration. Unfortunately, some housing end dates will be before the official semester end dates. If you get a room offer with an earlier end date, we recommend that you find a hostel for the last days of the semester.

You can only reserve one room. It is not possible to change rooms once you have reserved one. If you cancel your room reservation, you will not be able to reserve another one. Changing rooms after arrival is not allowed.

A reservation can be cancelled free of charge up to one month before the starting date of the lease. If the room is not cancelled on time, you will be charged the first month's rent plus administration costs.

If you want to cancel your reservation, contact both the housing provider and When you cancel your reservation, you cannot reserve another room, and the AUAS fee and the administration fee of the housing provider will not be refunded. 

In case you have any special needs regarding your accommodation due to disabilities please contact

The housing provider will inform you about the available furniture in your reserved room. Most housing corporations also provide bed linen sets and/or kitchen sets.

If you will arrive more than seven days after the starting date of your lease, you need to notify both and the housing provider. Please note that if you fail to do so, the room will be given to another student and you will still be charged the first month's rent and administration costs. 

Read more about what to do upon arrival. 

Towards the end of your lease, you will have to contact the housing corporation to make an appointment to check out. The caretaker will do a final inspection of your room and collect the keys. Leave your room clean and tidy. You will be charged with the costs of any damage to the room or failure to clean it. Check with the housing corporation for the correct check-out procedure.

Please note that the payment of the last month’s rent can never be settled with your deposit. You will be obliged to pay every month’s rent until the end of your rental contract.

Also, do not forget to deregister with the municipality. 
Deregistration Municipality of Amsterdam
Deregistration Municipality of Diemen

Published by  Student Affairs 18 November 2019