Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

How to Apply for a Room

The AUAS offers assistance to students in helping them find accommodation in the city of Amsterdam and its surrounding area. Amsterdam is the most popular university town in the Netherlands, so the demand for accommodation is very high. For your best chance of securing a room you need to apply early.

Application system

Start housing applications:

Second (Spring) semester 2019-2020 November 2019
Academic year 2020-2021 May 2020


After you have been registered for an English spoken study program at the AUAS, you will receive an email with an invitation to the online application system for student accommodation. You can expect this email in May when you start at the AUAS in September. When you start at the AUAS in February, you can expect this email in November. If you have registered for a study program after May 2020, please email 

To enable us to provide you with targeted information and help you find a room, we need a few details from you. Personal data are handled and secured with all due care. We only save and use personal data that we receive from you directly or of which we can be certain that you are the party providing them to us. All personal data are handled in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).

AUAS fee

Students renting accommodation through the AUAS will be charged a fee to cover the AUAS's expenses related to providing a housing service to international students. This fee is non-refundable.

  Early Bird AUAS fee                 Regular AUAS fee
  (until November, 8 2019)

1 semester         € 209                                      € 242

2 semesters       € 413                                      € 440

The payment can be done using a credit card or PayPal. All AUAS fee payments will be made in euros.

We advise you to submit your application as soon as possible after you have received the link to our housing application system. We do our utmost to provide all applicants with a room but housing is not guaranteed. Only if we are not able to provide you with a room, we will refund the AUAS fee to you. Note that if you receive a room offer via the AUAS from one of our housing partners, the AUAS fee will not be refunded.

Look here for more information on the room reservation procedures.

Published by  Student Affairs 8 October 2019