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How to find housing on your own

The AUAS strives to offer a room to all first year international students. Amsterdam is the most popular university city in the Netherlands, so this is not always possible. Finding an affordable place to live on your own is not easy, so begin your search on time. You will find more information and advice on finding a room on the private market on this page.

In the flyer How to find a room you will find a lot of websites and information on how to find a room in Amsterdam or the surrounding area.

Non-commercial Parties

StudentenWoningWeb and bring together the considerable stocks of student accommodations offered by housing associations De Key, DUWO, Ymere and Stadgenoot in Amsterdam, Diemen and Amstelveen. Rents are reasonable. StudentenWoningWeb and both charge €30 for registering. You will have to accumulate waiting time in order to increase your chances of finding a room via this website.

The ASVA Student Union Rooms Bureau is a non-commercial agency that raffles off one room per day,  providing there is sufficient supply. The results are completely non-discriminatory and there are no waiting or priority lists. The rooms available in the raffle are posted on the ASVA website. In order to enter the raffle, you must become an ASVA member. You can also approach the ASVA Student Union Rooms Bureau for advice and addresses of reliable room hiring agencies. For legal advice, email

  • Temporary housing with housing corporations

-    DUWO Direct Offer offers short stay accommodation. After registering you can log in and search for rooms in the online database.
-    Ymere (in Dutch) has around 600 dwellings (for one to four students) that it rents out temporarily and that are reasonably priced

  • Other useful tips

Want to read more about living in Amsterdam?
-    Dienst Wonen (in Dutch) offers information about housing permits and more.
-    Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen (ASW) (in Dutch) is a service on living in Amsterdam.

Commercial parties

If you have not been allocated a room by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), and have not succeeded in finding accommodation with one of the non-commercial parties, you will need to find one on the private market, with one of the commercial providers. Please note that this can be difficult and time consuming because Amsterdam is the most popular university town in the Netherlands.

Commercial agencies and private landlords

Commercial agencies offering houses or rooms must be registered with the Amsterdam authorities. They are allowed to ask only a reasonable registration fee. If they are not able to offer you a house or room within four months, your registration fee will be reimbursed. If they do find you a room, you must pay for their services. This amount also has to be reasonable.

We advise you to be careful when you apply to such a room agency. When you have questions, you can go to the !WOON for information and advice. Please note the following advice:

Before a viewing

Before you visit a rental property, it is important to prioritise what you are looking for in terms of price, location, size and so on. During the viewing, carefully inspect the condition of the room and the facilities available and make sure everything meets your needs. Unfortunately, rogue landlords are common.

Condition of the room

During the viewing, look carefully at the condition of the room (check for proper insulation, possible mold/water damage, signs of vermin) and the facilities available (heating, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) in order to determine if it meets your needs. Don't go to a viewing alone, and don't pay anything until you have made clear agreements in writing.

Official contract

Illegal subletting of social housing is common. Make sure that you will get an official rental contract which you will need in order to register with the municipality.

You can find a room by checking the websites listed below, but also by checking the local papers or advertisements in the grocery store.

  • The Student Hotel

    The Student Hotel in Amsterdam West and Amsterdam City offers students fully furnished rooms with a private bathroom, shared or private kitchen, high-speed internet access (WiFi) and a flatscreen TV with international channels. Included in the price is your own bike, use of the gym, study rooms, lounges and game rooms. The Student Hotel has a reception with 24-hour security, a laundry room and a restaurant/bar.
    Rooms at The Student Hotel can be viewed and booked online for one or two semesters. Rooms can also be booked by the week or month.
  • Temporary rooms

    Please be aware that these sites provide a searchable database for temporary rooms only. They are not housing agencies.
    -    Kamernet (in Dutch) and Kamertje (in Dutch) offer a large number of rooms online. You need to pay a membership fee in order to respond to room advertisements.
    -    Airbnb and Wimdu are websites for people who want to rent out their lodgings, from a room in their house to an apartment, for a very short time (a weekend or week). The hosts themselves may be present during your stay. Nestpick offers accommodation for a longer period (a couple of months or years).
Published by  Student Affairs 30 July 2019