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Want to become a Student Ambassador? See what it takes to become one and apply now!

Check out the Student Ambassadors video made in the fall semester 2017 and see what they experienced! 


Check the video above to get a glimpse of what the student ambassador programme entails. The programme has two goals: to improve your exchange experience while you are at AUAS; and, to teach you how to be a great communicator in the future. During the programme, you and a group of fellow exchange students will have the opportunity to take part in five interesting workshops. You will learn to easily adapts to unforeseen circumstances, to understand cultural differences, to pitch ideas like a pro and will know the power of storytelling. It will not cost a lot of your time, you will have a lot of fun and meet a great group of friends. It looks great on your CV as well!

To become a student ambassador you need to be:

  • An exchange student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS);
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about being part of the Ambassador group;
  • Willing to take the initiative to represent the AUAS at your home university once you are back home.

  • A chance to grow as a professional communicator through a training programme that will help to increase your intercultural communication, content creation, storytelling and networking skills via interactive workshops;
  • An official recommendation from us, either as a letter or LinkedIn recommendation;
  • An official certificate after participation in all workshops;
  • You can show future employers that you engaged in extra activities alongside your studies and that you are a dedicated and ambitious person;
  • You have the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world;
  • It’s a lot of fun!

  • A commitment to spend 20 hours of your time spread over your exchange semester, including 5 workshops and 2 events;
  • A willingness to be a sounding board for quality improvement;
  • A commitment to being a contact person at your home university for at least one semester upon your return;
  • A commitment to undertake at least 2 activities to actively share your experiences at your home university.


Please send an email including a short motivation expressing your interest (max 400 words) and your CV to


You can e-mail all your questions to We are happy to help!

Published by  Student Affairs 20 January 2021