Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Student Ambassadors

Interested to see what a semester in Amsterdam is like? Our student ambassadors are here to show you just that, from the perspective of international exchange students! They can help you with all your questions about living in Amsterdam and studying at AUAS.

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We believe that shared experiences are the best source of information when you are thinking about studying abroad ! At AUAS we have student ambassadors who can help you by sharing their personal experiences. This can help you prepare for your exchange as you learn about life in Amsterdam and what it's like to be an student at AUAS. Our ambassadors wrote blogs and recorded vlogs about several topics for you to check out. You can also email them directly with your questions!


During your exchange you can also become a new student ambassador! Ambassadors are ‘lifesavers’ for those students who might want to do their exchange in Amsterdam, as they help the next generation of students to find their way. You will also get a new outlet for your stories and experiences once your friends are tired of listening! Not to mention the interesting workshops you'll take and new skills you'll acquire. Spreading the word by sharing your exchange in any possible way when you return to your home university is all that we ask in return.

Published by  Student Affairs 17 December 2020