Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Student Ambassadors

We believe that shared experiences are the best source of information when you are thinking about studying abroad.

To help make this possible we created the Student Ambassadors Programme at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Our aim is to help current international students become a lifesaver for those students who might want to do their exchange in Amsterdam. By joining the programme, they can help the next generation of students, but also get a new outlet for their stories and experiences once their friends are tired of listening! We will provide them with workshops and tools to help them express their enthusiasm in a professional way, without asking them to be a marketing tool. Spreading the word by sharing their exchange in any possible way when they return to their home university is what we ask in return.

Interested to see what a semester in Amsterdam looks like?

Check out the Student Ambassadors video made in the fall semester 2017 and see what they experienced! 

Published by  Student Affairs 12 November 2019