Organisation event

Guidelines for student

You are planning to organise an event, drinks or other activities? Under certain conditions you can do this at AUAS buildings.

What do you want to organise?

  • Your event should be related to education and research.
  • All applications should go through 'FS-evenementen'. They will also advice you about the organisation and coordinate the requested facilities.
  • Only employees of the AUAS can apply for events. Discuss with your teacher / supervisor how you can organise your event together.
  • The request must be submitted to 'FS-evenementen' at least 10 days before the event.

Which location do you prefer?

  • Check the timetable to see if your desired location is available.
  • Check the specific rules of the location, such as ordering catering and the availability of facilities (e.g. furniture, audiovisual equipment, office supplies)
  • Do you need extra facilities? Arrange this together with your teacher / supervisor via the application form of 'FS-evenementen'.

Have you thought of everything?

Have you arranged your location, facilities and catering? Also think about

  • Any promotion of your event. With permission, publications can be posted in the public areas of the AUAS. You can apply for this here .
  • If you want to photograpgh or film during the event, you need to ask the AUAS for permission using this form .
8 March 2022