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Student Counsellor AMFI/MDD

From 29 July to 19 August the Student Counsellors office will be closed. Availability for urgent matters:

22 July - 26 July: Elke de Roos and Reina Dooijewaard

29 July - 9 August: the student counsellors office will be closed. For urgent matters you can contact the student information office.

12 August - 16 August: Pieter Ruijssenaars and Daniël Buitenkant

19August - 30 August: Anne-Margriet Klaver,

Submitting applications through the Digital Service Point

Do you suffer from dyslexia? Do you need additional time to complete exams or require larger forms as a result of this condition? Submit an application through the  Digital Service Point as soon as possible. Keep your dyslexia statement at hand, as you will be required to upload it along with your application. You will receive a reply to your request for additional time for exams and/or forms in large-sized print in your AUAS email inbox within two weeks. Your request may been have granted or rejected, or you may be asked to supply more information.

Have you requested additional time for exams or large-font forms, and has this been granted?

If yes, please continue reading under 'Implementation of examination duration extension (TDV) at the FDMCI'

What is a valid dyslexia statement?

The statement must mention dyslexia. The dyslexia statement must be signed by a healthcare psychologist or general remedial educationalist and should be based on a diagnostic test. A dyslexia pass from a previous degree programme is therefore not sufficient.

What if I have dyslexia, but do not have a valid statement?

Ask the person treating you for a modified dyslexia statement. If this is not possible, you also have the option to take a shortened dyslexia test at the University of Amsterdam. The costs for this short test amount to €225. Should you wish to make use of this facility, please contact Anna Plakas.

More information

More information on A-Z Studying with a disability

'Implementation of examination duration extension (TDV) at the FDMCI'

If your request has been granted you will receive extra time and/or large font forms as from the next exam period.
For information on exams and the classrooms you need to be, please consult the exam timetable.

You can receive confidential advice on any matters to do with your studies, your progress, personal matters and problems relating to any of the following: 

  • Studying with a disability or chronic illness
  • Falling behind due to personal problems
  • Top-level sports
  • Study stress
  • Binding Study Advice (BSA)
  • Choice of study
  • Financial affairs relating to your studies
  • Complaints, objections and appeals
  • Complicated issues related to
    enrolment or re-enrolment, termination of enrolment, tuition fees
    and student grants and loans
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Problems in obtaining the threshold for maintenance of your current residence permit (VVR)

During open consultation hours you can drop by without an appointment. We will assess your question or problem, discuss it and make a follow-up appointment if it needs more time. Our meetings are confidential: no information given during the talk may be repeated to a third party without your consent. 

After considering your question, we will provide you with information and recommendations and help you to take action to achieve an improvement in your personal performance in relation to your studies and/or internship. We have specific expertise with issues such as choosing courses, studying with a disability, and student grants and loans, and we have a lot of experience with advising and supporting students with personal problems.

We can also advise the examination board and the degree programme about any facilities and modifications required, so that students can perform well in their studies without being held back by personal disadvantages. If required we can provide referrals (to the student doctor, student psychologist, social worker, a support worker from the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care, etc.

Regular open consultation hours

Starting from 1 September on: Mondays and Wednesdays, between 11:00 and 13:00. AMFI room 044.


Anne-Margriet Klaver


Master Digital Design (MDD), Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), Master Fashion Enterprise Creation (MFEC)


M 06 2115 6441 (please use mail or walk-in hour preferably, since I am often in conversation and cannot answer your call)

Consultation hours AMFI & MFEC

Koetsier-Montaigne building
Ground floor, room 0.44 
Wednesday: 11.00–13.00 hrs

Please make sure to drop by the consultation hours first
Students AMFI & MFEC - click here to make an appointment

Consultation hours MDD

Benno Premsela building, Rhijnspoorplein 1
Room 03A21
Monday 11.00–13.00 hrs.

Students MDD - click here to make an appointment

Elke de Roos


Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), Master Fashion Enterprise Creation (MFEC)


M 06 2115 7793
T 020 595 4540 

Consultation hours AMFI & MFEC

Ground floor, room 0.44 
Monday: 11.00–13.00 hrs.

Please make sure to drop by during the consultation hours first
Students AMFI & MFEC - click here to make an appointment



Published by  Student Affairs 16 July 2019