Student Counsellor AMFI/MFEC/MDD

Do you have any problems with your wellbeing? And does it affect your study career? Please, do not hesitate to consult the student counsellor. You can receive confidential advice on any matters to do with your studies, your progress, personal matters and problems.

What issues can you discuss with me?

  • Studying with a disability or chronic illness
  • Falling behind due to personal problems
  • Top-level sports
  • Study stress
  • Binding Study Advice (BSA)
  • Choice of study
  • Financial affairs relating to your studies. Sometimes I can support requests for additional funding with DUO, or AUAS or private funds.
  • Complaints, objections and appeals. Please note my role is not to investigate them but to help you put your complaints to the right persons or instances.
  • Complicated issues related to
    enrolment or re-enrolment, termination of enrolment, tuition fees
    and student grants and loans
  • Legislation and regulations. In case of problems with your visum please contact Immigration Affairs, since I cannot help you with that.
  • Problems in obtaining the threshold for maintenance of your current residence permit (VVR) due to personal circumstances

The ongoing COVID-situation affects us all resulting in fatigue, stress, being overworked, gloominess, financial worries and other problems. A lot of students express these complaints. Do you recognize this and are you seeking aid? It is available!

The studentpsychologists offer online courses and workshops how to manage stress, anxiety, mild depression and grief and loss. Individual support is also possible when experiencing milder problems. If the psychologist cannot offer the guidance you need, they can help you with a referral.

The student doctors also offer individual help to students of AUAS. They published a website where you can read how other student cope with their problems.

AUAS has online selfhelp modules designated to coping with stress, anxiety, mild depression and loss or grief. Select when using this link the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and you can make free use of them.

Student counsellors offer individual guidance and advice on a big scope of topics such as studying with a disability or other personal circumstances, studystress, financial problems, and so on.

Do you have questions what kind of help is suitable for you or do you find it difficult to ask for help? You can always consult me as your student counsellor! We’ll discuss what kind of help you need, talk about how to better your personal situation and what your needs are for keeping up in your study. You’re welcome to mail me or instantly book in a phone consultation.

In an appointment, we will assess your question or problem together, discuss it and make a follow-up appointment if it needs more time. Our meetings are confidential: no information given during the talk may be repeated to a third party without your consent.

After considering your question, I will provide you with information and recommendations and help you to take action to achieve an improvement in your personal performance in relation to your studies and/or internship. As student counsellors we have specific expertise with issues such as studying with a disability, student grants and loans, and advising and supporting students with personal problems.

I can also advise the examination board and the degree programme about any facilities and modifications required, so that students can perform well in their studies without being held back by personal disadvantages. I often refer you to other forms of help, such as online help, student doctors (GP), student psychologists, specialistic organisations, Immigration Affairs, and so on.

The link to the contact page below is only accessible to AUAS students. After you login you can see all the contact details of the student counsellor. You are welcome to book in an appointment whenever you need one.

Contact details student counsellor

Submitting applications through the Digital Service Point

Do you suffer from dyslexia? Do you need additional time to complete exams or require larger forms as a result of this condition? Submit an application through the Digital Service Point as soon as possible. Keep your dyslexia statement at hand, as you will be required to upload it along with your application. You will receive a reply to your request for additional time for exams and/or forms in large-sized print in your AUAS email inbox within two weeks. Your request may been have granted or rejected, or you may be asked to supply more information.

Have you requested additional time for exams or large-font forms, and has this been granted?

If yes, please continue reading under 'Implementation of examination duration extension (TDV) at the FDMCI'

What is a valid dyslexia statement?

The statement must mention dyslexia. The dyslexia statement must be signed by a healthcare psychologist or general remedial educationalist and should be based on a diagnostic test. A dyslexia pass from a previous degree programme is therefore not sufficient.

What if I have dyslexia, but do not have a valid statement?

Ask the person treating you for a modified dyslexia statement. If this is not possible, you also have the option to take a shortened dyslexia test at the University of Amsterdam. The costs for this short test amount to €225. Should you wish to make use of this facility, please contact Anna Plakas.

More information

More information on A-Z Studying with a disability

'Implementation of examination duration extension (TDV) at the FDMCI'

If your request has been granted you will receive extra time and/or large font forms as from the next exam period.
For information on exams and the classrooms you need to be, please consult the exam timetable.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 6 December 2022