Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER)

The Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) contains all the rules and regulations that apply to your degree programme, concerning, for example:

  • the structure of the curriculum;
  • examination, tests and assessments;
  • binding study advice (BSA);
  • graduation and certification;
  • exemptions.

The TER forms part of the AUAS Students' Charter and is based on the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW Dutch).

Where can the TER be found?

The TER for each degree programme can be found in the Course Catalogue . Go to Course Catalogue > select your degree programme > check 'Programme details' for this degree programme.

Graduation and degree

The examination board determines whether you have satisfied all of the rules and requirements of the final examination as set out in the TER. These regulations are used to determine whether you has all of the knowledge, understanding and skills required to be awarded a degree and receive a degree certificate.

Validity and adoption

The TER is valid for a single academic year. The programme manager is responsible for the degree programme's TER. Once the programme committee and Faculty Representative Advisory Council have given their advice and consent, the Faculty dean officially adopts the TER.

Contribute your thoughts

If you would like to contribute your thoughts regarding your degree programme's TER, get in touch with the relevant programme committee.