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Submitting applications through the Digital Service Point

Do you suffer from dyslexia? Do you need additional time to complete tests or require larger exam forms as a result of this condition? You can submit an application through the Digital Service Point.

Keep your dyslexia statement at hand, as you will be required to upload it along with your application.

Student counsellor

You can make the necessary arrangements without the assistance of the student counsellor. However, you will have to visit the student counsellor if you need more intensive support or other forms of assistance, or if you have incurred a study completion delay. You should also visit the student counsellor if you need additional time on tests / larger exam forms for a reason other than dyslexia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valid dyslexia statement?
The dyslexia statement must be signed by a healthcare psychologist or general remedial educationalist and should be based on a diagnostic test.

How much additional time will I be getting on my test?
A 25% extension of the standard test time for the duration of your degree programme.

When should I submit an application?
As soon as you start your degree programme. You will be allowed additional time on your tests and/or larger exam forms for the duration of this degree programme. You will have to submit a new application if you switch to another programme, or enrol in a minor at another programme.

When will I find out whether my application has been approved?
After you have submitted a request, it will be assessed by the student counsellors secretariat. You will receive a reply to your request for additional time for tests and/or test forms in large-sized print in your AUAS email inbox within two weeks. Your request may been have granted or rejected, or you may be asked to supply more information.
If your request has been granted, you will receive an email with further information to find out when your extra facilities will come into force and other relevant information, e.g. which room you will be sitting the test in.

You can receive confidential advice on any matters to do with your studies, your progress, personal matters and problems relating to any of the following:

In an appointment, we will assess your question or problem together, discuss it and make a follow-up appointment if it needs more time. Our meetings are confidential: no information given during the talk may be repeated to a third party without your consent.

After considering your question, we will provide you with information and recommendations and help you to take action to achieve an improvement in your personal performance in relation to your studies and/or internship. We have specific expertise with issues such as choosing courses, studying with a disability, and student grants and loans, and we have a lot of experience with advising and supporting students with personal problems.

We can also advise the examination board and the degree programme about any facilities and modifications required, so that students can perform well in their studies without being held back by personal disadvantages. If required we can provide referrals (to the student doctor, student psychologist, social worker, a support worker from the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care, etc.

The link to the contact page below is only accessible to AUAS students. After you login you can see all the contact details of the student counsellors.

Contact details student counsellors (Dutch only)

Published by  Student Affairs 1 June 2023