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AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English programme)

Fashion and Textile Technologies. Bachelor's, full-time

Are you creative, ambitious, outspoken and passionate about fashion? Are you willing to work hard and take on the challenges of the fashion industry? A four-year Bachelor’s degree programme at the AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute provides a solid basis for your career in the Dutch or international fashion industry.

AMFI is the only Bachelor’s degree programme in the Netherlands to cover the entire fashion chain. Our programme allows you to develop your design, management and branding skills, or combine aspects of these dimensions. 

AMFI is the only Bachelor’s degree programme in the Netherlands to cover the entire fashion chain: from design and manufacturing to distribution and communication. AMFI offers an opportunity to develop your skills and expertise in the areas of design, management and branding. AMFI offers its Bachelor programme in both Dutch and English.

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Examples of industry professions include: independent or digital designer, buyer/product manager and creative producer or creative fashion developer.

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Admission to this degree programme requires a senior general secondary education (HAVO) pre-university (VWO) or senior secondary vocational education (MBO-4) diploma. Prospective students who have a senior general secondary education diploma with a Culture and Society profile must have taken mathematics A or B.

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In view of the large number of prospective students, AMFI has an enrolment quota: there are a limited number of places (around 430). Once your admission request has been received, the degree programme will invite you to take part in the selection procedure. Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to enrol for the 2020-2021 academic year. The application deadline was 15 January 2020. Are you still interested in this degree programme? Enrolment for the 2021-2022 academic year opens on 1 October 2020. This programme is listed in DUO under the name Fashion & Textile Technologies (formerly Fashion and Technology).

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