Frequently Asked Questions

AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English Programme)

Submit your enrolment request via Studielink . Be aware that AMFI employs a "numerus fixus" and a selection process. Application for admission to AMFI for the study year beginning September 2021 closes in Studielink on 15 January 2021. Once your request is completed you will receive more information regarding the selection procedure.

Every student must have Mathematics on his or her final diploma (or be able to prove that their level of Mathematics is sufficient to meet the admission requirements).

At a minimum the selection will consist of:

  • an online questionnaire.
  • a take-home assignment about your suitability for the fashion industry through a photo assignment.
  • a practical assignment about your suitability for the specialisation of your choice. This will take about 2 hours.
  • an interview with a lecturer about your suitability for the fashion industry. This will take about 30 minutes.
  • at least one multiple choice test regarding your wide cultural, economic and social frame of reference. This will take about 30 minutes.

For more information on the selection procedure click here.

Students living in a non-EU country who cannot come to the Netherlands for the interview may apply for an alternative test.

Please make sure to apply as early as possible. This allows time for all formalities to be completed including the necessary checks to the level of your previous education level by Nuffic, your language level and visa applications where applicable.

Creativity plays an important role in the AMFI degree programme, so you should exemplify that you are a creative person with a passion for fashion. AMFI also wants to see that you have a broad interest in social developments, culture, design and art.

Your invitation to attend the intake day will also describe your assignment. Details of these assignments are not made public before this time.

The selection procedure serves two purposes. Firstly, it is in a student's own interest to be admitted only to a course for which they possess the necessary qualities. Secondly, AMFI needs to hold these tests in order to support its own quality levels and aims. Your talents and aptitudes are considered very closely and this selection procedure is taken very seriously.

Yes you can delay starting your programme, but you must inform the AMFI student administrative office of your decision no later than 1 May 2021.

The number of international students selected for AMFI to begin with the foundation programme depends on the number deemed suited to the programme. Considering previous years, approximately 430 students are selected in total, spread across Dutch and international programmes.

Besides the AUAS tuition fees for AMFI, you should budget about €800,- per year for books, readers, magazines, fabrics, materials, and mandatory excursions. This amount can vary depending on the graduation specialisation you choose.

The average study load at AMFI is about 40 hours a week, with occasional peaks above this average. Lessons are given between 8.30am and 6.30pm. There may be an occasional lesson in the evening.

Intake always places students in the first study year; there are no exemptions for any parts of the foundation programme. An exception is sometimes made in specific individual circumstances - for example, if a student has already successfully completed a foundation programme or a bachelor degree in a related course.

There is only one start moment for new students. This is at the end of August, which is the beginning of the study year.

No. There are currently no evening or part-time programmes offered at AMFI.

No, there are no other programmes in the Netherlands which are directly comparable with the AMFI programme. There are programmes that offer courses comparable to specific components of the AMFI programme. For instance, a number of art academies in the Netherlands offer Fashion & Design, and Fashion & Management can be followed (in part) at the TMO.

No, that is not possible yet. But there are various Master's degree courses you can also follow, both inside and outside the Netherlands, after having completed a degree at AMFI.

Foreign students are eligible to apply for student housing, but the options are limited. Make sure to contact the AUAS at the housing page.

No, AMFI does not organise days for shadowing. However, you are welcome to attend an Open Day. These days offer you the opportunity to speak with students from different study years, as well as several teachers. This will offer you the chance to ask anything you might want to know about studying at AMFI.

Branding focuses on brand identity and communication. You learn how to do consumer and market research, analyse and create visuals, develop concepts and set up branding strategies. Design teaches you design, pattern drawing, moulage, and how to actualize your designs. Therefore, in Design you create and make the fashion product and in Branding you develop a concept for and communicate the fashion product.

Management you learn how best to buy, produce, and market clothing. The programme includes such topics as marketing, textile knowledge, economics, ICT logistics, and international business. Branding focuses on brand identity and communication. You learn how to do consumer and market research, analyse and create visuals, and set up branding strategies. Therefore in Management you develop, produce and trade the fashion product and in Branding you communicate the fashion product.

This question is impossible to answer because it depends principally on you: on your own passion, enthusiasm, motivation, and talent for the fashion industry. Many of our recent graduates and alumni are indeed employed and active in the (inter)national fashion industry after graduation.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 1 September 2020