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Minor iNDiViDUALS 

Aware of its presence in today’s polluted industry, iNDiViDUALS aims to become a blueprint brand for the future of sustainable fashion.

Students from all three AMFI study directions experience and question every aspect of the fashion supply chain in a professional setting. 

By offering a course designed around the combination of true-to-reality experience and experiment, iNDiViDUALS hopes to be the fertile ground necessary for growing change makers.

Minor Fashion & Editorial Branding

In this minor students work together to come up with and launch new fashion media brands. Students create everything: from concepts to the production of content – using writing, photo styling and art direction to translate a topic to multiple media channels. This excellence minor introduces students to every aspect of the publishing business; from brainstorming to production; from design to publication; from website to launch event. In the second half of the programme students become part of one of the newly created companies and work to share this new fashion media brand with the world. All products made are required to stand the test of the professional world of fashion publishing.

Fashion & Visual Culture

In the first phase of this minor students create new fashion photos based on inspiration by their favourite designer. In the next phase, students learn to make short fashion films. These films take as their inspiration young Dutch designers. At the end of the minor the photos will be exhibited in the byAMFI Statement Store and the films will be shown in Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis.

Fashion & Denim 

This 20-week minor programme offers third and fourth-year students from Design, Management and Branding the ability to focus on the world of denim. Bridging education and business, the activities build skills in craftsmanship as well as an understanding of innovation in the industry. Students should have a real interest in and passion for denim. They should see themselves progressing to work in denim development in the industry.