Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


The research conducted by the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (FDMCI) is divided across seven research groups, which jointly form the FDMCI Knowledge Centre of AUAS.

The FDMCI Knowledge Centre researches developments in the area of digital media and creative industries. This involves close collaboration between research groups and labs and creative industries, IT companies and public sector parties in the Amsterdam region. The partners research and develop digital applications and models intended to empower city residents and users. Researchers also critically assess the ongoing digitisation of our society.

Research groups then translate the insights gained through this research into teaching materials, ensuring that graduates are equipped with relevant competences for the rapidly changing fields of digital media and creative industry. Our labs offer students the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from the various research groups, leading Dutch and international companies and social organisations.

The FDMCI Knowledge Centre serves as coordinator of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network which strengthen ties between research activities and the region. The Knowledge Mile helps the FDMCI Knowledge Centre build bridges between our research activities and the AUAS’ immediate environment.

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