Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Year 1: Foundation year

AMFI is the only institute in the Netherlands to cover the entire fashion chain. We are unique in bridging the gap between culture and commerce. We offer added value with our creative approach and an educational concept based around integrative learning. This concept plays a key role in all our education. The emphasis is on developing students’ talents and acquiring the necessary competences from the creative circle: research, decision making, realisation, presentation, reflection and organisation. The teaching is provided in an integrated format, and is product and process-driven. The process book serves as a basis for reflection on personal development. The emphasis is on personal development and individual choices. First-year students will have an opportunity to explore personal interests, ambitions and talents in the context of fashion, the fashion industry and its various dimensions.

As a first-year student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), you must earn at least 50 of the 60 available credits to be permitted to enrol in the second year. For more details, see the page on Binding study advice

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 17 August 2019