Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Year 2: Discover the fashion industry

As in the first year, second-year AFMI students will have an opportunity to combine the various dimensions. You will also prepare for the flexible programme in years 3 and 4.

Examples of the various dimensions: 

You will design a small streetwear collection with an emphasis on sustainability. You will also organise a fashion show. The latter part of the year will focus on textile, illustration and innovation. You will develop a personal signature for the various markets and design a collection book.

As part of a product-oriented assignment, you will develop a new jeans model and prepare a business plan for a suitable retail environment. The second semester will focus on strategic aspects, as you analyse global developments and translate them into future trend forecasts for businesses. You will also learn how to organise the purchasing, production, logistics, marketing and sale of clothing. In view of the industry’s international character, these subjects will be taught in English.

You will be assigned to create a commercial fashion environment in which consumers can experience the brand. Over the course of the second semester, you will create a brand and develop a strategic marketing communication plan and campaign in order to communicate the brand identity in various ways.