Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Year 3 and 4: flexible programme

You will further develop your talents over the course of years 3 and 4. We refer to this structure as the Flexible Programme. Students choose a specialisation, a minor and a work placement. You are free to take the various curricular components in any preferred order. These choices will depend on your own individual talents and ambitions. You will spend the final semester of your studies on a final project.

This page features more information on the work placement, specialisations, minors and graduation phase.


In your third year you will do a 20-week, full-time internship at a fashion company. AMFI has an excellent and extensive network in the business community that you can draw on, or you can arrange your own suitable internship anywhere in the world.


Our six-month specialisation programmes offer students an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of specific subjects, and are linked to the various dimensions. 

AMFI offers the following specialisations within these three dimensions:


  • Collection (developing a collection in the signature style of a specific designer or brand, from a tailoring perspective)


  • Make & Buy (developing and buying fashion for retailers in the role of a buyer or product manager)
  • Fashion Marketing & Innovation (discovering and understanding consumer tribes and their relationships with brands, and developing innovative marketing strategies)
  • International Production (developing commercial, technical and production management skills over the course of a practical assignment abroad)


  • Brands & Identity (creating and communicating a fashion brand identity)
  • Brands & Innovation (developing scenarios for future interactions between manufacturers, products and consumers)
  • Fashion & Visual Culture (analysing and producing short fashion videos)

All specialisations

  • iNDiViDUALS (international student reality brand run by 3rd and 4th-year students – from an industry perspective to a perspective on the industry)
  • Honours AMFI (talented 3rd and 4th-year students are selected for a special programme)


Minors are six-month semester-long courses that allow you to gain broader or more in-depth knowledge during the third or fourth year. You can choose to take the minor at AMFI, within another AUAS degree programme, or at a research university or another university of applied sciences. While prospective students thus have great freedom of choice, each minor programme does involve specific admission requirements.

AMFI offers the following minor programmes:

  • Exchange (six months of study abroad)
  • Fashion & Visual Culture (analysis and production of images and films)
  • Fashion & Denim (innovating denim and jeans; from textile to brand)
  • Excellence minor Fashion & Editorial Branding (launching new fashion media brands)
  • Excellence minor Fashion Theories (in-depth fashion theory)
  • Fashion Marketing Innovation (understanding consumers, developing innovative marketing strategies)
  • Textiles (textile design)
  • 3D Hypercraft (designing with digital 3D pattern techniques)

Read more about Minors at AUAS.


You will spend the final semester of your studies on a final project, such as:

  • Writing a thesis on the preparation of a detailed trend forecast, or designing your own collection or installation.
  • Writing a thesis on a specific problem suggested by the industry or researching an issue of choice that is relevant and useful to the fashion industry.
  • Developing a strategy and creating a professional branding product in response to an assignment from the business sector, or researching a fashion and branding-related issue.