Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Study load

AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English Programme)

Students can expect a minimum of 16 weekly contact hours during the first year. An academic year consists of 42 weeks of classes. Contact hours are 50-minute teaching hours.

Contact time

Amongst other activities, contact time will be devoted to workshops, tool shops, lectures, coaching and assessments. There will be 16 contact hours per week in the first year. Contact hours are 50-minute teaching hours.

The first year is oriented towards individual development. Classes (working group size) consist of 25 students.


In addition to the scheduled contact time, you will spend approx. 24 hours a week working independently or with fellow students on projects or research, carrying out assignments and preparing for lessons and assessments by means of self-study.

Binding study advice

You must obtain at least 60 credits during your first year at the AUAS. If you obtain less than 50 credits, the AUAS will issue a negative binding study advice (BSA). This means you will not be able to continue the programme. You will then meet with your coach to discuss whether another degree programme would be more suitable for you. For more information on the BSA, see the page about the Binding Study Advice (BSA).

Students who receive an average mark of 8 or higher for all course components will be awarded the designation ‘cum laude’.