European School of Physiotherapy

In our curriculum design, the clinical internships are most important. We have planned four different internships, with the first one starting right after the first year, during summer. The internships build up in complexity and include a variety of settings and patients.

Four internships

In these 10 week placements, students will be supported by a clinical instructor on site. This physiotherapist will guide them locally, while the clinical supervisor (ESP faculty) will be coaching the student from a distance and monitoring the performance of the student.

Throughout the four internships, the student should build up their final level, by integrating all attitude, knowledge, skills of all previous subjects taught at ESP. Ultimately, the student will leave his or her final internship as an independent and critical professional with an international view.

Internship in the Netherlands

Of course it is also possible to do a clinical internship in the Netherlands, which means you should be able to communicate with the patients and staff of the associated clinics in Dutch. To do so you will need to follow a Dutch language course.

Published by  Faculty of Health 6 October 2020