After graduation

International Business Fast-track

After successfully completing the three-year International Business programme, you will be awarded a Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Your professional career can begin or will you decide to pursue another study?

Title and diploma

After graduating from the programme International Business fast-track you will receive the diploma International Business. This is the official CROHO name of the programme. You will have the title Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

This degree is an internationally recognised Bachelor’s degree and will allow you to take a next step towards your business career or you may choose to pursue a Master's degree.

Career opportunities

Besides gaining academic knowledge, studying at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will give you practical training during your studies.

The additional competences you will acquire through on-the-job learning are often sought by businesses and organisations, boosting your appeal as an international job market candidate.

80% of AMSIB alumni find a job within three months after graduation. AMSIB maintains strong links with industry to support students when entering the job market. They are spread across the globe, advancing their careers in positions of management and leadership.

Take for example AMSIB alumni Jan van der Burgt (Head of Product and Co-Founder) and Wiebe Helder (CEO and Co-Founder) at Cargobase , both 30 years old now. The two entrepreneurs started the online platform Cargobase at General Motors to cut costs on premium freight shipments.


  • Business Development Manager at Shell, Belgium
  • International Product Manager at Cinemotion, Bulgaria
  • Import and Export Assistant at Philips, France
  • International Marketing Assistant at Deutsche Bank, USA
  • Export Manager at Bosch, Denmark
  • International Marketing Manager at Mercedes, Dubai
  • International Marketing Researcher at Deloitte, Netherlands
  • International Publicity Agent at United Nations, USA and Rwanda


A Bachelor’s degree provides a good basis for further studies. The options depend on which Master’s degree programme you would like to attend and at which university.

Our strategic partners are: Berlin School of Economics and Law

Meanwhile, if you would like to pursue a Master’s degree, we recommend considering the intercultural programme Chinese-European Economics and Business Studies offered by our partner The Berlin Professional School at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Northumbria University

Northumbria University, Newcastle, is expanding its international presence by partnering with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) in the delivery of masters programmes at the Amsterdam Campus situated in AUAS’s buildings. Northumbria University is starting its third academic year in September 2020 with the following programmes:

  • MSc Business with International Management
  • MSc Business with Business Analytics
  • MSc Business with Financial Management
  • MSc Project Management
  • MA Luxury Brand Management
  • MA International Relations, Conflict & Security

These UK-accredited postgraduate courses will be delivered by Faculty from both Northumbria and AUAS. There are no specific prior education requirements for these programs, except for a HBO or WO bachelor's and English language skills (minimum IELTS score 6.5).

For more information and the opportunity to attend information sessions, please visit .

Working in the Netherlands

Interested in working in the Netherlands after completing your degree? International students have the option to extend their visas in the Netherlands after graduation for a so-called ‘orientation year’. Read about the options available to you, depending on where you're from.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 9 December 2020