Master Global Sustainable Business Management

Below you will find an overview of all expenses: tuition fees, other expenses and funding your studies.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the entire 18-month programme are €12,855*.

The tuition fee for the first year is €8,570. The tuition fee for the second year (which is only a half year) is €4,285.*

This does not include the costs of housing, living, books or immigration.

Payment method EU students

Every year EU students can pay the tuition fees at once or in monthly installments.

Payment method non-EU students

In the first year non-EU students will receive instructions from the AUAS immigration affairs to pay the tuition fees and proof of financial means.

In the second year non-EU students can choose to pay in monthly installments if they have a Dutch, EU, UK or other SEPA countries' bank account. Students can open a Dutch bank account when they arrive in the Netherlands. Or they can pay the tuition fees for 1 year (€8,570) and get a refund for half a year (€4285).*

Alumni discount

Did you complete a bachelor's degree from AUAS or NU? Then you are eligible for a 40% discount on the tuition fee. This brings down your fees to €7,713* for the entire 18-month programme.

The statutory tuition fee does not apply here.

Funding your studies

There are no AUAS scholarships applicable to this master programme.

Dutch students might be entitled to 'Lifelong Learning Credit' to fund your master's studies if you are no longer able to use your Dutch study financing. Please visit the Ministry of Education's DUO website to see if you are eligible.

Do you require a visa and residence permit for study purposes to study in the Netherlands?

For the immigration procedure you need to fulfill certain requirements set by the Dutch Government. One of these requirements is the proof of financial means.

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) requires that you have sufficient financial means to cover your stay in the Netherlands. The required minimum amount set by the IND is €950 a month. Please note that this is not payment, it is evidence proving you have the financial means to sustain yourself while studying and living in the Netherlands.

The Proof of Financial Means** for one academic year (or two semester) is €11.400*.

*Please note all fees may be subject to change.

**Government student loans of any kind (including UK Financial Aid) are not accepted as proof of financial means for living expenses.

22 June 2022