Sport Studies - track International Sports, Management and Business (ISMB)

The tuition fees for Sport Studies - track ISMB are aligned with the standard cost of all bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the AUAS. Besides tuition, you will be expected to cover a number of additional costs associated with your study.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees differ depending on your situation. Find out if you are eligible for the statutory tuition fees or whether you are obliged to pay the institutional tuition fees, which generally apply to international students (outside of EU / EEA member states, Surinam or Switzerland). Use the Tuition Calculator to figure out your specific situation.

For general information about tuition fees see the tuition fees page .

The tuition fees only cover classes and tuition. Before you apply for Sport Studies - track ISMB, it’s important to be aware of the additional costs related to your study.

Below you' ll find an overview of expenses you will encounter during this programme. Some are fixed, while others will vary from person to person. The costs for the 3 internships are for travelling and accommodation. The amount depends on the location and the company, sometimes students get free accommodation, free public transport or a small salary.

Minor abroad

Sport Studies – track ISMB offers internal minors, but you can also choose to do your minor abroad. Minors abroad are free of extra charges for your tuition fees, as long as you choose to study with one of our partner universities all over the world.

Activity/Requirement Costs Study year
Books €100 - €200 1-4
Sports clothes/equipment (second-hand) € 50 - €100 1-4

Sport Medical Examination
(some health insurance companies reimburse this)

€120 1
Introduction Week €105 1
Field trip 1: Ardennes, Belgium €260 1
Field trip 2: London, UK €500 1
Internship 1 (10 weeks) Depending on location 2
Entrepreneurship kick-off: Texel, The Netherlands €135 3
International Minor (optional) Depending on location 3 or 4
Internship 2 (18 weeks) Depending on location 3 or 4
Internship 3 (20 weeks) Depending on location Year 4


If you’re moving to Amsterdam for your studies, please ensure that you have realistic expectations about housing options and costs. As one of the most popular university towns in the Netherlands, the demand for reasonably priced accommodation is very high.

Most students choose to live in dedicated student housing or share a flat with other students. Estimated costs for this type of accommodation can range from €250 to €700 a month, depending on the location and a variety of other factors. Learn more about searching for accommodation on the housing page.


There are a range of scholarship and grants options available to both Dutch and international students seeking financial assistance. Visit the scholarships and grants page to learn more or start searching for scholarships at scholarshipportal.eu.

Dutch students: study grant

Most Dutch students are entitled to four years of study funding. For more information, check duo.nl or visit the DUO service office: Ottho Heldringstraat 5 in Amsterdam. Open on weekdays between 10.00 and 17.00 (appointment only).

Non-Dutch students: scholarships

International students may be eligible for a scholarship such as the Amsterdam Talent Scholarship or the Holland Scholarship. Visit the scholarships and grants page to learn more or start searching for scholarships at scholarshipportal.eu.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 17 February 2022