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Sport Studies - track ISMB

Are you up for a challenge, and willing to get the very most out of your studies? Join an honours module or the honours programme alongside your regular study programme. You don't have to pay additional tuition fees. You can choose between 3 honours modules which all comprise one full academic year.

Pamoja Kenya module

The Pamoja Kenya Honours Module is a unique sports development project. Pamoja means ‘together’ in Swahili and refers to the cooperation with A-Step, a Kenyan NGO. In the Pamoja Kenya module, you put your expertise and knowledge to practical use and actually carry out part of the project in Kenya.

E-Club module

Are you looking to acquire a taste of real entrepreneurship? If so, the E-Club Honours Module has something special for you. You will find out what it is like to put your own brand and your own product on the market, focusing on a target group that you yourself have chosen, and generating turnover as a potential result. ​

Leadership and Organisation module

The Leadership and Organisation module provides points of reference for the future. Which organisations and businesses match your values and competences? How can you build up an interesting network? What does leadership mean to you? The lecturer will determine the direction, objectives and plans in consultation with all the participating students.

Honours programme

In the Honours Programme of Sport Studies - track ISMB in year 3 and 4, the focus is on realising individual career goals while you will also be returning knowledge to the degree programme. You can for example choose to take part in the organisation of major events, such as the Olympic Games (including the Holland Heineken House), World and European championships and international placements at blue-chip companies. Setting up your own business is also one of the options.

Study load and credits

The study load for each module is 5 ECTS credits, which equals 140 study load hours. You will receive a certificate when you have gained at least 15 Honours ECTS.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 6 July 2020