Sport Studies - track International Sports, Management and Business (ISMB)

Practical international experience is what makes Sport Studies - track ISMB unique. In the second and fourth year of the study, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your internship in an international environment abroad. By the time you graduate, your on-the-job experience will set you apart when it’s time to start your career in the world of sport.

Joia and Romana: students - Sport Studies

Coaching children from disadvantaged areas in South-Africa and organising fun and careless days for them seemed to me as an amazing experience.

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Sport Studies - track ISMB offers plenty of opportunity to customise your learning experience to match your goals and interests, especially when it comes to internships. For each of the three internships, it’s up to you to select the location and organisation where you’ll be working. Thanks to the practical experience and intercultural skills you’ll gain from these internships, you’ll graduate with a CV that gives you an edge on the job market.

Each year the internships become more strategic, culminating in a graduation project where you’ll identify, research, and provide solutions to a specific issue.

High quality internships

Due to the expanding network of relationships with athletic directors at international schools and sport organisations around the globe, Sport Studies - track ISMB is able to offer high quality internships. When it’s time to look for an internship, you’ll have access to the internship database of Sport Studies - track ISMB to connect you to organisations within the sports industry.

You’re also encouraged to take your own initiative and reach out to organisations by yourself, as the process of searching and applying for internships is an important part of your professional development.

Going abroad: getting out of your comfortzone

Full-time international internships give you the chance to get outside your comfort zone and experience working life in another culture. You’ll put your language skills to the test and apply the business theories you’ve learned at the location and organisation of your choice.

Our students complete internships in every corner of the globe. Previous internship locations have included the US, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Czech Republic, Russia, Saint Maarten, the UAE, South Africa, Zambia and more.

Overview internships per study year

Year 1

  • Two field trips (1-week each)
    • Ardennes (Belgium): developing teamwork skills and intercultural awareness.
    • London (UK): visiting the site of the 2012 Olympics and legacy/regeneration projects.

Year 2

  • International operational internship (10 weeks).
  • Focuses on a project management assignment within the sports industry.
  • Examples include:
    • Setting up and managing the social media presence for the World Rowing Federation in Switzerland.
    • Assisting in creating a local sports league for townships in South Africa.
    • Event managing at the International School of Bangkok.

Year 4

  • International strategic internship (18 weeks).
  • You’ll assist an organisation within the sports industry by carrying out strategic analysis and making recommendations.
  • Examples include:
    • Completing desk research to assist management in making decisions about sponsorship.
    • Creating a plan for setting up international exchange programmes at a sport academy.
    • Executing a defined marketing plan, including the freedom to act on recommendations for improvement.

Year 4

  • International internship for your graduation project (20-weeks).
  • You’ll lead a strategic research assignment within a sports-related organisation to examine a problem and uncover the solution.
  • Examples include:
    • Advising on the go-to-market strategy for Salomon in France.
    • Writing a business plan with recommendation and implementation of marketing/sponsorship packages for Villareal in Spain.
    • Creating a strategic plan to improve accommodations for rugby in Curacao.
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 31 August 2021