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Professional roles

The term 'professional role' refers to the qualities that you possess as a teacher with a first-level qualification. Once you've completed the programme, you'll be:


Being an expert involves more than simply knowing a lot about a subject. You must also be able to transfer this knowledge to your pupils in a way that allows them to work with it. You must be able to inspire and supervise your pupils on their individual journeys of discovery. You must be conversant with the scientific/scholarly discipline and how it feeds into the subject. You must have mastered the art of teaching at an advanced subject level – that of an expert in your subject.


In the upper years of senior general secondary/pre-university education, pupils are responsible for their own learning process. However, they won't do this all on their own. Your role is to encourage them and to develop fairly extensive and abstract learning activities. You must help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to develop. You'll act as a coach who inspires pupils to utilise their full potential.


One of the most difficult aspects of research is the formulation of a good research question. Often, you start out with a myriad of possible questions. There are so many avenues you could pursue, so how do you choose? How can you tap into all the knowledge about a topic that's already out there? How can you use your research to advance teaching practice? 

Our programme merges those two disciplines in integrated modules (so-called VOS modules) which, every semester, explore a different aspect of teaching and learning English on the basis of research methods and insights. This evidence-based methodology is a key component of our programme.

AUAS helps students enrolled in its first-level teacher training programmes answer these questions by offering them a number of research topics. These topics all revolve around the primary process, of which the teacher takes ownership and which they can actively influence through their own actions. Teachers conduct practice-driven research into pupils' learning processes and the pedagogical, general and subject-specific didactic methods that promote these processes. All of the topics are rooted in the essence of what it means to be a teacher and in the knowledge and skills that you have built up throughout the programme.

Published by  Faculty of Education 18 June 2020