Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Study load

The degree programme starts in September and has a duration of 2.5 years. Teaching takes place on Thursdays between 12:50 and 21:10. You'll be taught in class at least three times a week. The academic year consists of 40 weeks, spread out over two semesters. You can find more information about the classes in the course catalogue on the home page.

This master's degree programme is a part-time programme, enabling you to work part-time alongside your studies. Nevertheless, it can be daunting to study in addition to working part-time. Fortunately, experienced lecturers and a personal academic adviser are on hand to help. You'll also be able to exchange practical experiences with your fellow students, thus helping each other to learn. Finally, your school/employer, AUAS and yourself will sign a clear three-party agreement so that each party understands their own responsibilities and the expectations of the other two.

In addition to the contact hours mentioned above, you can expect an average of 20 hours of self-study a week. The programme comprises a total of 90 credits, with one credit equal to 28 hours of study.

Published by  Faculty of Education 1 September 2019