Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The study

You love teaching and you would like to specialise further in order to both grow as a human being and obtain your first-level teaching qualification. You're looking for new challenges and greater depth in your work. AUAS is able to help you with this. Its master's degree programme is a fully-fledged, flexible part-time programme that takes two to three years to complete and leads to a first-level teaching qualification.

Once you've completed this master's degree programme, you'll be an expert in your subject and ready to teach in the upper years of secondary education. But it doesn't end there. You'll also have grown into a high-level teaching expert and inquisitive professional within your classroom, teaching department and educational organisation.

Right to a teacher education grant

If you're qualified to teach in secondary, special or senior secondary vocational education, you can apply for a teacher education grant. To do this, visit the website of the Education Executive Agency (DUO).

Published by  Faculty of Education 18 June 2020