Representative Advisory Councils

Central representative advisory council

The central representative advisory council (CMR) represents the interests of students and employees at the AUAS across the entire institution.

All faculties and staff and service departments are proportionally represented in the CMR, which has 24 seats, half of which are held by students and half by employees.

The CMR liaises with the AUAS Executive Board to discuss various issues , such as education, quality, finance, facilities, student and employee affairs. For certain decisions taken by the Executive Board, consent of the CMR is required. In other instances the council has an advisory role. In addition to voting rights and advisory rights, the council also has the right of initiative. It can propose topics for the meeting agendas, which the Executive Board is obliged to respond to.

Annual recurring agenda items include the budget and the format for the Teaching and Examination Regulations. Council members are elected bi-annually.

The CMR meets every other Tuesday. View the calendar on the homepage and feel free to join one of the upcoming meetings!

Published by  Communication 21 January 2019