Representative Advisory Councils

Committee Education, Student Affairs & Quality

The Education, Student Affairs & Quality committee deals with all education and research-related topics at the AUAS. Quality is an important focus area within the committee: it seeks to ensure the continuous improvement of education and research at the AUAS.

The committee deals with a wide range of subjects (see below). These topics are usually policy-related, which means that the committee meets regularly with the Executive Board. This approach helps to ensure that students receive quality education.

The following topics are handled by this committee:
- Digitalisation of education
- Teaching and Examination Regulations and Degree Programme Committee Regulations
- National Student Survey (NSE)
- Course evaluations
- Campus facilities

The following people are members of the committee:

- Alessandro van Haag (interim chairman, student)

- Chris Kremer (employee)

- Kees Post (employee)

- Hajar Rifi (employee)

- Kim Stam (student)

Published by  Communication 15 October 2019